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Obama’s Dirty Deal With The Pharmaceutical Industry

Obama arrogantBilly TauzinIf there was any doubt remaining whether or not Barack Obama has old out, it completely vanished with the recent news that he had cut a dirty deal with the pharmaceutical industry over health care costs.  In exchange for promises by the pharmaceutical companies of 80 billion dollars in future health care savings, President Obama has pledged NOT to use its immense purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices.


It is time for the Democrats to officially acknowledge that Obama has completely sold out.

This is the exact same type of dirty deal that the Democrats and Obama loudly denounced when George W. Bush was president.   In fact, this deal cut by Obama is approximately the same deal that Bush cut made with the pharmaceutical industry when he was pushing through his prescription drug benefit plan.

What makes it worse is that Obama made it with Billy Tauzin, the former Republican congressman from Louisiana who is now the lead lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, Obama had specifically targeted Tauzin in campaign advertisements as an example of what is wrong with Washington.

Now he is making deals with (Read More....)