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5 Often Overlooked Tips For Keeping A Healthy Home

As we continue to gain information about the day-to-day products we use around the house, and the various hazards that many of them pose, it is becoming increasingly important to pay attention to our purchases and home habits.  Below are just five simple ways to reduce toxins, live healthier, and keep our homes safer with green-friendly solutions.

– Water Solutions

If you don’t already use some sort of water filtration device, you may consider looking into the many options available.  Finding a reliable water softener that doesn’t use salt conditioners, as well as a filtration system, can help rid your water of unwanted chlorine and potential contaminants.  As water is the essence of all life, especially our own, it’s important to make sure you’re drinking the very best.

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– Open the Windows

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that many of the things in your home, including furniture, carpets, and paints, may have been treated or made with pollutants or toxic elements.  While they’re generally not usually immediately harmful, it’s wise to open your windows as much as possible and cycle in fresh, toxin-free air.  This will help you feel better and reduce the risk of breathing in harmful chemicals.

– Better Light Bulbs

While CFLs are often marketed as green solutions for lighting, if they break they release mercury vapor, which is a very toxic substance.  Handle these bulbs with care and make sure to clean any broken bulbs as quickly, carefully, and efficiently as possible.  Using newer lighting designs like LEDs is a safe alternative that can also save you loads of money in the long run.

– Better Bedding

Many common fabrics used for sheets, like nylon and polyester, may contain questionable chemicals.  It’s better to stick to organic materials like 100% cotton when choosing proper bedding/clothing materials.  In this same vein, many mattresses these days are made with flame-retardant chemicals and often off-gas, which can cause potential health problems.  When choosing a mattress for you or a baby, try to get one that doesn’t use these harmful chemicals, or allow them to air out with an open window after cleaning them or when changing sheets.  This will allow them to off-gas without you reaping so many of the negative effects.

– Cooking Solutions

Trade out your Teflon pots or pans with cast iron ones.  Teflon releases a number of potentially hazardous particles into the air, including carcinogens and other global pollutants.  In extreme cases they can also release illness-inducing fumes into the air creating a threat to you and your family’s health.

In order to better contribute to a healthy environment, as well as a healthy family, one should research various avenues of healthy living and gain a combined force of knowledge to make appropriate decisions.  These five simple tips are a great place to start, but the learning shouldn’t stop here.

Live healthy and enjoy.