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5 Healing Properties You Didn't Know Existed In Chinese Food

At one time or another, we’ve all been given the sage advice to starve a fever and feed a cold. While you should never literally starve yourself while you are sick, the other half of the saying has a bit of truth to it. Asian cultures have used food as a sort of natural medicine for hundreds of years. The next time you are sick, you may want to order from your local Chinese take-out. Here are a few ingredients found in Chinese food that might just help you bounce back from an illness:


Because only certain types of chrysanthemums are used as medicine, we don’t suggest that you go out to the garden and pick a few flowers to consume. What we do suggest is heading down to your local Chinese restaurant and ordering a mug of hot chrysanthemum tea. The flower is also used in soups and other dishes and is a great remedy for headaches and fever.

2. Ginger

Ginger tea is popular among pregnant women thanks to its calming effect on the digestive system. The taste is strong and not for everyone, but if you can stomach it, chewing on dried, natural ginger can also help with motion sickness and stomach acid.

3. Green Tea

Green tea may be the world’s next super food before long. The list of medical conditions that green tea is said to aid includes cancer, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol and even infection. The good news is that Chinese restaurants don’t have a monopoly on green tea. You can buy tea bags, loose tea and pre-made drinks at any grocery store in your area.

4. Chinese Black Mushrooms

If you live a high stress lifestyle, you may want to consider adding a handful of Chinese black mushrooms to your dinner a few times a week. Thought to reduce cholesterol and lower high blood pressure, these mushrooms can easily be found in any Chinese grocery and are used in stir-fries and other Asian dishes. Try replacing your regular white mushrooms with the Chinese black variety in your salads, pasta dishes, and on top of your homemade pizza.

5. Sea Cucumber

Though sea cucumber may look unappetizing in its natural, gelatinous state, you’ll be buying it after it’s been dried. The food must be soaked before cooking, but once it’s re-hydrated it makes an excellent addition to soups. Sea cucumber contains minerals that can help to improve joints, making it an ideal food for those suffering with the affects of arthritis. Sea cucumbers are also perfect for those with high blood pressure and poor blood circulation.

The next time that you’re feeling a tad under the weather, you may want to look into the healing properties of food before you spend your money at the pharmacy. Homeopathic practitioners have known for years that food can have positive effects on the body, and people in Asian countries have traditionally used food for its various medicinal properties. While food may not cure all that ails you, it can be a great first step.

Renee Varney is a freelance blogger who occasionally writes for, a site she loves using to find local Food Delivery services using their Chinese Delivery directory.