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4 Low Calorie Foods that Boost Your Body’s Metabolism

Any nutritionist will tell you that the way to lose weight is not to starve yourself; it’s to eat the right foods. What causes you to put on weight is not eating food but eating more calories than your body burns. When this happens the excess calories are converted to fat and stored in various places in the body, especially around the hips and belly. So if you don’t change your diet, you will keep accumulating those jiggly tyres around your midriff. Thankfully, nature has provided us with foods that we can use to not only control our weight, but keep us healthy and whole. Which foods are these?

1. Beans and Other Legumes

These, among other legumes have long been touted as a fat-free replacement for meat as a source of protein. But this is only half the story; beans have been found to encourage increased production of a digestive hormone called cholecystokinin which works to quell the appetite. A research carried out at the University of California found that the hormone was highest in people who ate a meal that included beans than in those who didn’t eat the legumes. As a bonus, beans also stabilize blood sugar levels, allowing you to keep hunger pangs at bay longer. A close relative of beans, the soy bean, also adds plenty to your arsenal in the battle against the bulge. The fibre in soy beans potentially lowers cholesterol levels. Soy has been used to make a whole range of products that can be used as replacements for fatty cow milk. Using unprocessed soy milk, soy cheese and soy yoghurt will see you benefit from plenty of protein without having to take on board the extra fat.

2. Eggs

Doing this will not only see you ingest a good portion of amino acids to build your muscles, it will leave you feeling fuller for longer; keeping your mind off those donuts for longer. This is probably because protein works to reduce occasions when blood sugar rises above normal. A study of overweight women showed that those who ate two eggs for breakfast ate less during the next two days than those who had a bagel instead.

3. Salad

Here is another delicious way to throw the reins over your appetite. Before you dig into your main course, eat a plateful of vegetable salad without the creamy dressing. The bigger the portion of salad you have, the bigger the dent it will make on your appetite, so don’t be afraid to stuff yourself. The result, research has proved will be you putting down the fork earlier, which of course means less excess calories for your body to deal with.

4. Salmon

If you thought we had exhausted the range of tasty foods that help dampen the urge to overindulge, you’re wrong. Here is another one of them. On top of helping reduce your food intake by decelerating your digestive processes, salmon provides a nice lean source of protein and a rich supply of Omega3 fatty acids to boot. Omega 3, if you don’t already know, plays a huge role in preventing and treating a host of chronic illnesses including arthritis and some forms of cancer. But it has also been found to boost the body’s metabolism thus helping you burn more calories.

Author Bio-

Latasri is a health and fitness enthusiast who often writes on these topics. On her website she makes available Diet to go coupon codes besides other weight loss products. To know more visit this page.