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The Truth About Natural Eye Health Supplements

Having healthy eyesight is often taken for granted.  Regular doctor appointments often focus on other areas such as the heart or physical fitness but the emphasis on healthy vision should be just as important.

Vision can always be corrected with LASIK, but additional care is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and other types of eye diseases that can emerge from poor vision and blindness can come from diabetic retinopathy and the increase of pressure and fluid in eyes.

There are natural remedies that can help prevent poor vision and blindness.  Some people think supplements are ineffective and unproven but that is not the case.  Studies have shown their effectiveness and these remedies and supplements should be considered if your eyesight is deteriorating.

Taking supplements to improve eye health is not uncommon, and encouraged in order to prevent future problems.  Chamomile, Bilberry, Eyebright, and Goldenseal are all safe products that can be used to help:

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7 Home Remedies for New Moms

Rebecca Romijn

Motherhood is a wonder for most new moms. You will experience feelings and thoughts you never have before and will have a lot to learn. Raising your very own little bundle of joy will come with diaper rashes, crying, and a whole lot more. Using home remedies for your journey through motherhood will help save you some money and can be much better for your child than using store bought products full of chemicals you can’t even pronounce. Before your little one arrives, it is a good idea to have a few of the following home remedies lined up.

1. Olive Oil

Making the call to breastfeed your child is a major decision. There are things that come with breastfeeding that you don’t have to deal with if you decide to formula feed. If your nipples become dry and cracked, you will be in a good deal of pain when you are feeding and even when you’re not. If you are in need of a solution for this problem, try (Read More....)

Going Back to School Healthy and Green: The Gear You Need Now

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Whether you’ve just started back to college or university for fall, or you know someone who is, the time has come to stock up on all the supplies every student will need to get through another academic year. But, before heading out and picking up just any old school and home products, take a second to fill your shopping list with organic, environmentally friendly, recycled or re-used items that will be better for both you and the environment. Check out some of these must-have green items for going back to school the healthy way:

1. A Non-BPA Thermos.

It’s not uncommon to walk across a college campus and see long, plastic thermoses everywhere you go. If you are looking for your own thermos, make sure to find one that is free of BPA, a hormone-disrupting chemical commonly found in many (Read More....)

3 Organic Foods That Can Help Lose Belly Fat

No food actually burns fat, but by replacing the fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods in
your diet with healthy organic alternatives, you can control your weight and get rid of ugly belly fat. Here are a few great organic foods that will help you cut the size of your midsection.

1. Oranges and Grapefruits – Organic citrus fruits are delicious, so you won’t
mind replacing donuts and cereal with some fresh fruit every morning.  The
caloric savings are enormous, as oranges only have about 60-80 calories and
grapefruits only have 80-100.These fruits also help your body burn calories during exercise, so by eating citrus early in the day, you’ll make your mid-afternoon or evening workout much more effective.

2. Avocados – Your body needs fat, but it doesn’t need donuts and
cheeseburgers.  Organic avocados have high levels of mono-saturated fats, which
helps you control your blood sugar levels.  This is important when (Read More....)

Tips for Healthy Eating While on Vacation

Whether you are visiting your relatives a couple of states away or traveling to the other side of the country, it is not always easy to eat healthy while you are on vacation. There are so many fast food places along the way, making it difficult to stay disciplined. It is, however, possible to eat healthy if you are willing to put the effort in. Here are some tips for eating healthy while on vacation.

Choose Healthy Options At Restaurants

Many restaurants are choosing to add healthy choices to their menus these days. Before you leave for your vacation, it’s a good idea to become familiar with franchise restaurants’ menus. Go online and browse through several restaurants’ menus to find the healthiest options. For example, Subway offers a lot of healthy sandwiches and salads.

Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

Stocking up on healthy snacks will not just be beneficial for your waistline; it will also save you money. Make sure to buy nuts, fruits and vegetables. These foods are very good for you and will keep you full for a long time. Remember that fresh vegetables can be steamed in the microwave in your hotel.

Research Hotel Dining Options

Take the time to search for a hotel that offers healthy dining options. Doing this can help you save a lot of calories during (Read More....)

The Hidden Health Hazards In Your Home

By now we all know to keep the medicine out of children’s reach, watch our step on the staircase and avoid mixing household chemicals like a mad scientist. But while it may be easy to avoid the obvious dangers, you might be surprised to learn about some of the hidden hazards that could be making you sick.

1. Legionella

Keeping cool on those hot summer days might be hazardous to your health. Legionella is a pneumonia-inducing bacteria that thrives in wet environments like industrial air conditioners, residential hot water systems and pipes. Legionella is a serious problem, responsible for 2 – 5 percent of the 600,000 pneumonia cases that send people to hospital in the U.S yearly.

Avoiding Legionella means turning up the heat! Run your taps at 140°F for about 10 minutes (be careful of scalding) every few months.

2. Asbestos

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