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Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Lurking in Your Favorite Foods? 

Americans consume a staggering amount of the now ubiquitous sweetener high fructose corn syrup. In fact, studies indicate that the average consumer dines on 12 teaspoons per day with so-called “high consumers” capping out at 22 daily teaspoons. This means that an American consumes between 38 and 69 pounds of HFCS every year. It is no wonder that research into the potential drawbacks of this sugar alternative are at the forefront of consumer-driven science.

What is HFCS?

In order to understand the health implications, it is necessary to first grasp exactly what this sweetening agent is. The recipe calls for corn to be milled into corn starch then transformed into glucose syrup. Specific enzymes, notably glucoamylase and glucose isomerase, can then be used to break down the long chains of sugar that comprise traditional corn syrup and (Read More....)

The Health Benefits Of Essential Oils

Essential oils have many uses throughout your home and life. Aside from their novelty uses, essential oils also have many health benefits. Here are ten ways that various essential oils can be used to promote good health:

1. Affect the Psyche– Inhaling the aromas of essential oils can trigger psychological and physiological responses. The right essential oils can promote healthy rest, increase our mood, fight depression, calm aggression, and more.

2. Immune Protection– Certain essential oils can improve human immunity. Chamomile, clove, and lemon oil are three essential oils that can boost immunity.

3. Antimicrobial– Essential oils are strongly effective in fighting bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Some essential oils are even effective in treating antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA.

4. Pain Relief– Peppermint, ginger, and lavender oils are just three of the many essential oils that are great for relieving pain when massaged into sore muscles. Essential oils can also increase the production of pain-relieving (Read More....)

Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan

To protect you from various expensive medical costs, it’s best to choose a great health insurance plan that works well with your current situation. Many people make the unfortunate mistake of buying into a plan that either doesn’t cover all of their expenses adequately or has an insanely high premium. Let’s take a look at how you can find the best health insurance plan for your situation.

Choosing the Perfect Plan

Be sure to fight the immediate urge to lower your premium payments for the month by choosing a plan that negates certain benefits like prescription drugs. Instead of doing this, you can simply lower your premium payment by either agreeing to a higher limit out-of-pocket or choosing a higher deductible. Keep in mind that by choosing this plan, you’ll receive virtually no initial benefits during the years that you are healthy. However, this is a great option to better protect you in the future from the high cost of medical bills.

How Do I Know That I’ve Found Great Insurance?

A great insurance plan, when found, will cover various types and kinds of medical care. This may include things like prescription costs, lab tests, preventative care, (Read More....)

Stop Smoking Tips: Have The Proper Mindset To Stop Smoking For Life

You’ve seen what happened to your friends who attempted smoking cessation. They couldn’t go past a full week without giving in to their smoking tobacco urges. You see how they struggle so hard to resist puffing on cigarettes.

Quite simply, it’s very, very difficult to quit smoking. This is especially true if you lack the discipline to pursue a smoking free lifestyle.

But it’s not impossible to stop smoking. You can do it as long as you have the proper mindset.

How To Stop Smoking Tips Work Only If You Have A Positive Mindset

How many stop smoking tips have you already tried? If you tried quite a lot of how to stop smoking tips but haven’t gotten any results, then one problem is obvious: You don’t have the proper mindset to give up smoking for life.

When you constantly think of how difficult it is to stop smoking, it has a psychological effect on you. You start to believe that it’s impossible for you to quit. Having a mindset like this makes matters worse. You easily give in to your smoking urges. This is because you find an excuse that smoking is too (Read More....)

Is Cross Fit For You?

Cross-fit is basically an athletic and lifestyle training program that focuses on a broad spectrum of activities and changes, rather than specializing in one specific area of fitness.  It’s a very popular program, including aspects of running, gymnastics, lifting, and more.  So how do you determine whether this is a program that will benefit you?  Partly that depends on what you’re looking to achieve, what sort of time you have to devote to it, and what sacrifices you’re willing to make.  Here’s a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to cross-fit so that you can determine whether it’s a good idea for you or not.

Picture –Eva Twardokens

Cross-fit is not for everyone. There is a commitment required, and it can be very challenging.  You’ll be asked to work on the areas where you are weak in fitness, and you will have to be willing to work hard.

Cross-fit might be for you if you want to improve your fitness, don’t like your current gym routines, don’t enjoy spending hours at the gym, or are just looking for something different.

Positive things you’ll gain from Cross-fit include increased energy, a stronger heart and stronger lungs, weight loss, better sleep, lower risk of disease, a strong immune system, less stress, and a generally better outlook (Read More....)

Keeping Patients Comfortable

Having a doctor’s appointment isn’t the type of event that has me jumping out of bed first thing in the morning and anxious to get my day started. Regardless, I needed an ultrasound on my neck and throat and I felt apprehensive. Would the procedure hurt? Would the doctor be able to diagnose the cause of my discomfort? Doctors, specialists, technicians, dentists and their office staff often forget that patients feel anxiety. Rather than add apprehension to an already stressed patient, medical professionals can implement several techniques that limit patient anxiety and increase comfort.

Mountain Side Medical Equipment

Before the appointment

Answering the phone with courtesy demonstrates respect and is the first step toward establishing good patient rapport. Using a kind tone of voice and offering assistance without being prompted gives patients confidence in the medical staff. The attitude of the front office staff conveys the practice’s overall attitude. I always feel respected and comfortable when the receptionist welcomes and addresses me by my surname and focuses on me instead of on personal conversations. Returning a (Read More....)