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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Organic Food

Everyone is after organic foods. What is the reason behind this rush? Is it worth the money you spend on it? If you need to know the answers for these questions read on further. Eating organic food is a great way to improve your health and your energy level.  It is also a great way to protect yourself from some of the really horrible things that they are now putting in many of our foods.  The truth is that there are some fundamental differences between organic food and most of the food that you buy in the grocery stores.  Given below are ten reasons why you should start eating organic food.

1. Avoid antibiotics and hormones in dairy

The non-organic cows are usually given pesticide ridden feed and growth hormones which is ingested by us. These cows promote virus adaptability which in turn makes require stronger antibiotics to fight infections. In case of organic farms, the cows are free from such issues. The process of pasteurization is also absent in the raw dairy organic products. So the enzymes are not disturbed.

2. Avoid the antibiotics and hormones in the meat

Just like the non-organic products, the meat that we obtain from the non-organic variety may be contaminated with the growth hormones and antibiotics. Hormone residue is known to increase the risk of breast cancer and other types of cancer in men. Organic meat on the other hand is known to have higher levels of minerals and vitamins. They have better flavor and texture too.

3. Avoid irradiation

Irradiated non-organic products undergo genetic variation. This makes the food lose its enzymes, good bacteria and vitamins. All these are preserved in the organic foods because they are not irradiated.

4. Avoid pesticides

Most of the fruits and vegetable that are grown in non-organic way are sprayed with various kinds of pesticides to destroy harmful insects. When we consume these foods, we ingest the pesticides also that can cause different types of problems. Since the organic foods are grown without the use of chemicals you can be free from such issues.

5. Avoid toxins and other health concerns

The toxins found in the non-organic foods affect us at a cellular level and can cause a lot of problems like heart disease, obesity, cancer, hormonal and reproductive diseases. More than adults, the children get affected very quickly. Such type of illnesses may take a long time to show up.

6. Conserve air and water

Organic foods do not pollute the surroundings or the environment by releasing toxic substances like non-organic farming. The pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals used by the non-organic farming infiltrate the surface and the groundwater. The polluted water is consumed by many people leading to various health problems. This can be greatly avoided by using organic farming.

7. Protect the environment

As already mentioned, the environment is safe in the case of organic farming. The organic farmers also have soil building program to prevent soil erosion and improve its quality. They also practice composting, cover cropping and crop rotation for protecting the land. Organic farming needs less energy and transportation requirements.

8. Reduce risk of cancer

Consuming organic foods can help you to reduce the risk of various types of cancers due to the presence or hormones, pesticides, toxins and other carcinogens.

9. Increase energy

When you eat organic food products there are no side effects of toxins and other chemicals. You can be sure of what you are eating without any potential danger. You will be eating clean foods that can promote your energy levels and nutrition requirements.

10. Support small farming communities and fair wages

The best thing is that you will be supporting minor farming communities who practice organic farming. They will also get a fair amount of their wages when more and more people buy these products.

Organic foods are very essential for promoting good health and proper growth.

Since they are grown without the use of chemicals, they are not contaminated with harmful chemicals too. So you can consume them safely without the fear of contacting different health problems. They do not pollute the environment too.


About the author: Rebecca is a blogger and writer. She loves writing on health and lifestyle. Beside this she is fond of travelling. These days she is reading a book on easy ways to weight loss.